Pallets & packaging

Custom-built pallets

Custom-built pallets are manufactured according to your specifications or purposes. You can customise the length, width and height of the pallet as well as special features (e.g. barcodes, boreholes, colour, all sides planed, hollow rivets, wood-plastic / wood-metal or solid wood-plywood combinations) You will find an overview of the design features and further processing options here.

Transport pallet in special lengths up to 4 metres

Special pallet for the transport of sensitive goods

Pallets for the transport of building boards

Special pallet with pipe sleeves for diverting rainwater

Floor frame pallet

Transport pallet for medical devices

Heavy cargo pallets

Heavy cargo pallets are designed to carry very heavy and large goods such as vehicles (Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi Q7), machines for the printing industry or conveyors for the ceramic industry.

Squared timber pallet with full lining

Transport pallet for SUVs (e.g. Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, BMW X5)

Transport bases for machines of the printing industry

Solid wood transport base with full lining, bolted down

Machine transport base with chamfered squared timber

Standard pallets

Standard pallets are pallets with the common dimensions 800 mm x 600 mm, 1200 mm x 800 mm and 1200 mm x 1000 mm and manufactured from 15 mm, 18 mm or 22 mm board products. Depending on the type, they can carry loads between 150 kg and 1000 kg (Euro Pallet)

Squared timber pallet 1019 x 1219 mm (USA pallet)

Standard one-way pallet 1200 x 800 mm

Wooden packaging

For the overseas transport of car-body sheets (CKD) or machines by ship or airplane, we manufacture special boxes and wooden crates made either completely out of solid wood or plywood. We also provide special transport frames incl. load securing for glass products (windshields, window panes) and solid wall boxes.

Packaging for sheet metal parts

Solid wood frames

Crate for the transport of car roofs

Packaging for the CKD export of vehicle parts

Packaging for the shipment of complete motorcycles

Special packaging for car sunroofs

CKD crate for the automobile industry

Installation kit made of OSB and plywood

Wooden L-frame for the transport of glass panes

Wooden A-frame for the transport of glass panes

Solid wood crates

Crate for the transport of special glass

Industrial packaging

At Wich we have been working for many years on innovative and powerful solutions in order to ensure a high-quality contract packaging that accurately meets the customer's requirements – so they can free resources, outsource working processes and focus on their core business.

Packaging of machine parts

Machine packaging made of plywood

Packaging of corrugated boards & pallets

The corrugated cardboard boxes can be delivered as a ready-to-use packaging set (= corrugated board + wooden pallet). We will make sure that your goods are safely packed and protected during storage and transport against environmental influences, damage and contaminations.


Further processing

Bore holes
Hollow rivets
Wood/metal combinations
Wood/plastics combination


On request, we will furnish pallets or wooden packaging with the desired barcodes or other labels. That way companies can track the supply chain and accurately document the transport of goods. The barcode delivered by the customer will be printed or glued on the desired spot according to your specifications.

  • Reliable documentation and tracking
  • Save time during shipping and order picking
  • Prevent errors in the supply chain

Bore holes

Special pallets are designed and built specifically for your requirements. We use cutting-edge CNC machines to drill bore holes into pallets and wooden packaging according to a specified pattern. So the pallets can, for example, be fitted with stacking aids or additional reinforcements.

  • Bore holes according to a specified pattern
  • High accuracy thanks to cutting-edge CNC machines


In order to make it easier to recognise your pallets, we can colour the load carriers. We furnish the pallets with coloured parts or colour the entire pallet. The colour system supports the handling and minimises the risk of confusion.

  • Low risk of confusion
  • Reliable identification


The degree of drying plays an important role for our products. We dry the pallets according to your specifications to specific residual moisture. This prevents moulding and meets the worldwide IPPC standard.

  • Compliance with the IPPC standard
  • Prevents moulding
  • Minimises the spread of harmful organisms

Hollow rivets

In many industries the pallets are subject to large stresses. In order to improve the stability, we will, on request, provide the pallets with hollow rivets. These special pallets are then used, for example, in the military or in breweries.

  • High stability
  • Precise workmanship


The transport of sensitive goods often requires extremely smooth surfaces. We achieve that by planing the pallets. On request, we can also manufacture special intakes for forklifts.

  • Smooth and clean surfaces
  • Safe intakes for forklifts

Wood/metal combinations

Wood/metal combinations are often used to improve the stability of pallets or wooden packaging. Brackets or reinforcements increase the stability or allow you to tighten the cargo.

  • High protection and stability
  • Custom-built designs

Wood/plastics combination

Plastic elements can be, for example, used as a buffer for the wooden block of reusable pallets and thus significantly increase the service life of pallets.

  • More resistant and more durable pallets
  • Cost savings due to a longer life cycle

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