As the partner of big automakers, we manufacture pallets and wooden packaging for the worldwide export of vehicles and vehicle parts. CKD (Completely Knocked Down) or SKD solutions (Semi Knocked Down) are used for the overseas transport. Fixtures for the fastening of packaged goods or complete mounting frames will ensure a safe and stable transport.

  • CKD or SKD transport
  • High quality standard (low residual wood moisture content, IPPC standard)

Building materials industry

Materials such as bricks, stone, concrete or steel are an important commodity. Stable and safe solutions help with the transport of the usually heavy cargo. Our employees design suitable pallets including the static calculation.

  • Heavy cargo pallets
  • Help with the static calculations
  • Mass productions or custom-built productions

Chemical industry

Safety is the top priority when chemical products are shipped. For our customers in the chemical industry, we mainly manufacture standardised pallets that meet the quality requirements of the industrial association VCI. The maximum residual moisture is 18 percent.

  • IPPC standard
  • Standard pallets in accordance with VCI guidelines
  • Custom-made products

Food industry

For our partners in the food industry we produce pallets and wooden packaging for the entire supply chain. A consistent quality management and the compliance with industry standards ensure that the cargo safely reaches its destination.

  • High quality standard (maximum residual wood moisture of 18 percent, free of mould)
  • High production quality (timber planed on four sides)
  • Standard pallets and customised solutions
  • One-way pallets and reusable pallets

Glass industry

In everyday life, in architecture or in vehicles – glass is used in many areas. We help our customers in the glass industry to transport this fragile cargo. We build standard pallets, custom-built pallets or frames with load securing.

  • Custom products with load securing
  • Custom-built transport pallets

Machine building industry

As one of the top-selling industries in Germany, the machine building industry focuses on export.  We support medium-sized customers with the shipping of machines or machine parts.  We take care of the individual and mass production of pallets, special pallets or customised wooden packaging for the worldwide transport of the valuable cargo.

  • Transport safety thanks to special designs
  • Custom-built heavy cargo pallets
  • IPPC standard for the worldwide export

Medical technology

This growing sector with an export share of about 70 percent ships high-tech equipment and products all over the world. For our partners from all over Germany, we manufacture a variety of pallets and wooden packaging. They provide the best protection for sensitive devices and components during the transport.

  • Solid workmanship
  • Low residual moisture according to the requirements
  • Customised solutions

Plastics industry

The plastics industry is a versatile and booming sector with a broad variety of products. We offer our customers an extensive portfolio of standard pallets and special pallets for different requirements.

  • Standard pallets
  • Special pallets
  • Mass production
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