How we work


Simply tell us what you want to transport and we will produce suitable pallets or wooden packaging. Wich delivers standard pallets or custom-built designs in any desired size. If required, we will gladly give you advice on statics and design and together we will find the best transport packaging option.

  • Extensive consultation
  • Individual design
  • Just-in-time delivery

The path to the ideal pallet


Standard pallet or custom-built pallets – we provide extensive consultation for our customers and find the best solution for any requirement.

Design & development

We design pallets and wooden packaging exactly according to your specifications. On request, we will support you with the construction and the static calculations. If needed, we can provide boreholes, milling grooves, connecting elements or colours and create the product that will meet your requirements.


Our partner companies in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany will reliably manufacture the pallets and wooden packaging in the desired quality and just-in-time.

Storage & drying

The artificial drying of the timber to a maximum residual moisture of 18% prevents the formation of mould and meets the worldwide IPPC standard for export. We have 15 drying chambers available in different locations boasting a total drying volume of 1,000 cubic metre as well as the corresponding storage capacities.


We deliver the pallets or the packaging at the desired time. For the transport, we hire partner companies with which we have been co-operating for decades. The Jumbo vehicles that meet the highest EU emission standards and will take the goods to their destination anywhere in Europe.

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