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Pallets and wooden packaging from Wich Vertriebs GmbH – the history of the company started with its founder, Karl Wich, in 1950 with the construction of a sawmill and the production of railway sleepers. Since then, the family enterprise from Wernberg in the Upper Palatinate has expanded and adapted to the increasing challenges in the global markets - but one thing has not changed: Partnership, commitment and sustainability guide our work and the relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees.

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Our philosophy

Trust, appreciation and fairness are the underpinnings of our actions. They are the basis for the partnership with our customers. Our years of experience as well as the trusting cooperation with our suppliers lead to optimum results. Together with them we embody a performance culture based on basic values such as respect and integrity. We cultivate the same values within the company. Respect and the development of character of our employees are an important part of our philosophy. Based on an open and constructive communication, we ensure the highest standard in work quality and therefore create the conditions for high motivation and creativity.

Our motto: Fairness in all business relationships pays off.


We take the success of our customers at heart. As a company we want to serve our customers with high-quality products. We give comprehensive advice, analyse the requirements in detail and keep developing new solutions for the transport of goods. In order to meet the product requirements, management provides all the required resources. Passion, care and diligence are the drivers for top performance and the basis for excellent quality. It is therefore important for us to maintain the relationships with suppliers and to actively share information.


We take responsibility for everything we do: for our fellow human beings, the environment and future generations. The high standards of fairness, continuity, sustainability and reliability shape our thinking and awareness allowing us to act environmentally-friendly and protective of resources in every aspect. The Jumbo vehicles of our transport company, for example, meet the highest EU emission standards. As a company deeply rooted in the region, we know that taking responsibility for the impact of our actions is an important pillar of our company strategy.  These values are deeply engrained deep into our consciousness and characterise the company and our demeanour to the outside.

Our history
On growth course

The Wich Vertriebs GmbH delivers to customers throughout Europe about two million pallets and packaging every year. The headquarters in Wernberg in the Upper Palatinate and suppliers in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland offer the customers customised packaging and transport solutions. Around 200 employees stand for personal consultation, production, just-in-time delivery and high quality at a competitive rice-performance ratio.

New alliances

In order to survive in a very competitive environment, Tobias Wich turned the manufacturing operations into a trading firm. Partner companies from Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland have ever since assumed the production according to the specifications of the Wernberg headquarters. Reliable logistics providers ensure the delivery to customers throughout Europe. The compliance with high quality standards such as the guideline for the IPPC standard according to ISPM No. 15 and a reliable just-in-time delivery have been the most important criteria for the selection of manufacturers and logistics providers.

Partner of the industry

When Rudolf Wich deceased, his son Tobias assumed the management. From the mid-nineties on, he managed to enter the large-scale industry with the delivery of worldwide CKD shipments with pallets and wooden crates for the automobile industry. Thanks to the reliability, flexibility and capacity, it was possible to win customers in the printing, food and glass industry as well as in medical technology.

Pallet pioneer

Rudolf Wich, the son of the company founder, started with the machine-based production of Euro pallets and was therefore one of the pioneers in Germany with the worldwide renowned exchangeable pallets. The Euro pallet and the Bundeswehr four-way pallets, which is technically very challenging due to the 9x riveting and impregnation, were the top-selling products in the following years.

Company foundation

The company founder Karl Wich built a sawmill in Wernberg and started with the production of railway sleepers. Thanks to professional competence and investments, the company could grow quickly and then bit by bit enter other fields of activities.

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